Titan Camp Training Area

With a size of over 530sqm Titan Fitness Algarve’s is one of Europe’s best and biggest outdoor fitness camps. Our training area is a fitness dream that comes true for every sports enthusiast. Yes, you read it right! It’s over 530sqm roof covered training area with high quality gym mats, a huge functional fitness rig, a huge selections of barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, plates, benches and much more.

This is the heart of the fitness camp where you can enjoy our fitness classes, personal training sessions and of course the morning yoga classes. You don’t need to worry about the weather; the covered roof makes it ideal for all weather conditions. We kept it open on the sides so you can breathe the fresh Algarve air while working out.

Our outdoor training area and our huge selection of high quality training equipment makes us one of Europe’s biggest outdoor fitness bootcamps  with the possibility to host group training camps and even Gyms and Crossfit groups.

Classs and& activities

Our fitness retreat combines training, massage, healthy food, hikes, surfing and kayaking to give you a complete health, fitness and wellness experience.


Designed to light up your metabolism and burn as many calories in the shortest period of time possible, our metabolic conditioning (Body 360) classes will leave you feeling high and trying to catch your breath. Body 360 training will help to improve many components of your fitness including aerobic capacity, strength and power. Be prepared to work hard and support each other through this challenging yet rewarding class!


Want to become fit enough to tackle the demands of life? Boot camp is where you come to get fit, strong and fast. This class will have you working at high-intensities, performing movements that challenge your body, and preparing your body to handle whatever might be thrown at it.

Strength & Technique

A strong and robust body requires being strong in the basics. In this class, you’ll strengthen your body in important movement patterns, including pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging and hip hinging. Each session will use a series of specific exercises to focus on a particular movement pattern. You’ll start with weights that YOU can handle and then build yourself up from there. Our highly trained coaches will refine your technique to ensure you are lifting with the greatest efficiency and in the safest manner possible.

Cross Training

For those who want to be good at everything, this class is for you! Cross Training combines everything from endurance to strength, gymnastics, mobility, speed, and Olympic weightlifting. This is a high-workload class that is designed to help you become a complete athlete, capable of handling anything thrown at you. You will be challenged in every way possible. The energy of this class is infectious and addictive!


Have some frustration you need to take out? Let it all out and get fit in the process! Boxercise is a high-intensity training session that will leave you catching your breath and help to improve some of your basic self-defence skills.

Olympic Weightlifting

Few things challenge your whole body in one lift as much as Olympic weightlifting. With so many fitness classes and programs now incorporating the Olympic lifts, it’s important to become proficient at them. This class is catered for both complete novices and those who have experience with the snatch, clean, and clean & jerk. Our qualified coaches will teach you how to perform the movements, correct and refine your technique, and help you to start loading up the bar.

Interval Training

Get your heart rate up and build your body’s ‘engine’ with interval training! This class will help you to develop your endurance by building a stronger heart and lungs. This class will vary from low- to high-intensity to focus on different components of fitness, including aerobic and anaerobic capacity and strength. Be sure to bring your towel for this one!


Slow things down and improve your wellbeing with yoga. With benefits such as improved breathing skill, an increased mental and physical energy, a boost in alertness and enthusiasm, as well as an ability to cope with stress more effectively, this class will set you up perfectly for the day ahead.

Cliff Hike

The Algarve, Portugal, has one of the most stunning coastlines in the world – and our fitness camp so happens to be located right next to one of the most picturesque cliff walks along the Algarve! The cliff trail runs between our local beach, Praia da Luz, and the next town, Lagos, and reaches a height of nearly 100 m. The sunset views are postcard worthy, so bring your camera and enjoy this incredible hike that lasts approximately 2 hours.

Surfing (Extra cost)

Did you know that Portugal has some of the best surf in the world? With southern and western facing beaches only a short drive away from our fitness camp, you’re never too far away from good surf! We’ve teamed up with surf school’s to take you on a daytrip to experience some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in the world.

Kayaking (Extra cost)

The Algarve has one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world with crystal blue seas and beautifully contrasting light orange and yellow limestone cliffs that have formed mesmerising caves, known as grottos. This a perfect excursion to get some exercise outdoors and get in touch with nature.

Massage (Extra cost)

Relax and unwind after your hard training sessions with an oil massage. This can help to loosen any stiff joints and muscles from training, promote blood flow to the muscles and tissues, and assist the lymphatic system with clearing waste products built from training to help promote recovery.

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