Most frequent questions and answers

Whether you are beginning your fitness journey, in need of a healthy reset or if you are looking to take your fitness journey to the next level our philosophy at Titan Fitness is to provide you with the space and opportunity to take part and enjoy multiple types of training modalities. For example, our weekly and daily class schedules will allow you to try a variety of our group training classes such as strength and functional training, anaerobic, aerobic, and combat training types. We will also allow you to balance this training with more regenerative work such as yoga, mindful movement, and our weekly cliff hike all of which will help you optimise your physical, social, spiritual, and mental health.

Titan Fitness holidays are not like other boot camps. Instead, our fitness holidays are carefully thought out. No week at Titan is the same. Instead at Titan Fitness, we integrate a mixture of training types daily, weekly monthly and yearly. We do not enforce mandatory participation in each class. Instead, our experienced coaches will help you plan your week appropriately based on your individual needs, training history and specific goals during our weekly Orientation at nine-thirty each Monday.

That is very individual, if you are used to training before you can do 2-3 sessions per day if you recover and rest between sessions. If you are new to training we recommend to ease in to it, start with 1 class per day plus Yoga and a soft cardio session in the gym and after a few days add 1 more class to the training routine. The best is to consult with your trainer during the first consultation. 

In the summer months May-October It is warm and sunny, some describe it as perfect! The Algarve is known for being the sunny place with over 300 days of sunshine per year! The Camp has a roof for shade plus there is a nice breeze due to the open air space; Training outdoor is wonderful! November to march is a little bit cooler but very often sunny and 20c on an average. The rainy months are normally around December/January but it varies and often it is sunny as well. 

We are a 19min walk to Praia Da Luz. The walk is a beautiful walk with views reaching over the stunning Cliffs and Atlantic Ocean.

The Algarve is a big tourist destination and there are many things to do here when not training. Shopping, great nightlife, fine diner, cinema, bowling, go the beach, water parks, zoo´s, weekend markets, boat trip or kayaks and not to mention some of the worlds best surf spots! 

The answer is YES! 

Titan Fitness Camp Algarve is a place for everyone, for unfit people and fit people. Doesn’t matter your previous fitness knowledge, age or weight, everyone can come and learn, improve and get fit. 

A large percentage of our guests are solo travellers. We recommend that you arrive on a Sunday. On Monday mornings we host an introduction Orientation for new arrivals. Here you will have an opportunity to meet other guests and our Titan Staff. We also have a local community who take part in our classes. Titan Fitness is an inclusive welcoming space where we are sure you will feel at home.

To get the best outcome of your fitness holiday package we recommend our clients to arrive on a Sunday. Your fitness journey would start on a Monday with introduction and guided tour of the fitness camp, introduction to new friends, nutritional seminar and more. But if you can’t make it on a Sunday let us know and we’ll sort it out together.  

Our aim at Titan Fitness is to facilitate our guests’ time at Titan to practically learn the benefits of developing and integrating habits which encourage the development of a sustainable health and wellness routine based around the five pillars of health and well-being, namely Movement, Nutrition, Community, Sleep and Relaxation and how this routine can benefit them over the long term

Yes we do! Let us know if you have any food sensitivities/allergies or any dietary requirements when booking. 

Yes, you can locally book personal training sessions with your favorite PT/PTs.

Yes, all our accommodation options, restaurant and the training area has WIFI. 

The easiest way is to use Uber as the rates here are very reasonable. You can also find public transportation, bike or scooter rentals or walk. There is very little traffic and Luz is an extremely safe town. As your accommodation is located on-site you will not need any transport from the gym to your chosen accommodation (Off-site accommodation is within a 3-5 min walk).

You’ll be spending a lot of time training but you will also have an opportunity to spend some time relaxing by the pool or by the beach. Bring proper training gear and shoes, your favourite swimwear, and a towel for the sweaty workouts and beach but MOST importantly bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn!

It is easy to get transfer from Faro international airport to Camp. Either with Taxi, Uber or airport shuttle service and it is 90km and takes around 50 minutes to drive.

We know no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their stay, but unexpected things happen and we encourage you to purchase travel cancellation insurance. Our policy on cancellations for any reason is non-refundable. 

EU –Citizen can travel freely within the EU. 

From other countries you receive a 90-day visa on arrival such 

(Double check with your local embassy as some countries are exempt of this rule) 

If you’re planning to stay longer contact the Portuguese embassy in your home country